Seoul Urban Design 2013 International Ideas Competition
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Toward Urban Integration  
31 October ~ 3 November, 2013
Seoul, Korea
Controling a bigger system calls for faster communication. A growing city demands faster transportation lines to catch up its size. Overlaying a steady transportation network on a large cityscape has been a chief responsibility for every metropolitan government. Faster connections were needed for efficiency, so they built speedy ways inside cities. Efficiency sacrificed life; the naturally-grown urban fabric was disconnected and split areas were isolated. They became urban barricades. This competition puts forward the concept "Toward Urban Integration" to collect ideas about urban fabric recovery.

Seoul, to maintain the movement of 10 million citizens, has built all sorts of transportation lines in the last century. The era of economic growth has gone; Seoul is now paying attention to environmental issues and tries to revitalize urban tissues. One of the project is the eco-friendly regeneration of an expressway, Jemulpo-gil, in the west region of the city. Being in the a conception phase, the project has a clear direction of reducing the heavy traffic on the expressway by building tunnels and underpass, and turning its extensive surface area into usable spaces for citizens. This competition seeks fresh ideas that suggest how to utilize this linear space and the adjacent blocks to enhance the city life and accomplish the integration of the divided urban fabrics.

The competition hopes to achieve the followings:

- Creative design for the new eco-friendly public space on the surface of the existing expressway
   and the adjacent blocks. (it could be parks, recreational spaces, public buildings, or anything)
- Unique concepts that enable the integration of the blocks separated by the expressway.
- Ideal solutions to reconcile the long public space with the local transportation (with remaining
   local traffic network for vehicular access)
- Effective diagnosis of the current problems and representation of enhanced environment based
   on new ideas, possibly using the space syntax concepts or methodologies.
- Providing a sustainable design solutions in all aspects of the proposal.
- Practical or conceptual ideas that throw inspiration for the new urban paradigm.

  notice : 2013. 3. 4
  registration : 2013. 3. 25 - 2013. 4. 26
  submission deadline : 2013. 7. 5
  evaluation by the jury : 2013. 7
  announcement of the final list: 2013. 8. 5
  presentation & awards :  2013. 10. 31
  exhibition : 2013. 10. 31 / 11. 5 ~ 11. 8

* All times are based on Korean Local Time
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