Seoul Urban Design 2013 International Ideas Competition
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Jemulpo-gil and the adjacent blocks  
31 October ~ 3 November, 2013
Seoul, Korea
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Jemulpo-gil is a name of an expressway in Seoul, South Korea that runs in an east-west direction, from Youido, an island on Han river, to Shinwol IC (interchange) on the western edge of the city. It is a 55m wide 10-lane dual carriageway that stretches 8.4km. For administrative purposes, it is divided into two sections: The 1st section is between Shinwol IC and Mok-dong bridge, and the 2nd section is between Mok-dong bridge and National Assembly intersection in Youido.

In the north side of the subsection between Shinwol IC and Hwagok overpass are many lodging facilities. The subsection between Hwagok overpass and Hongik hospital intersection has clothing outlets in the south, and the Hwagok distribution complex for household items in the north. The blocks between Hongik hospital intersection and Mok-dong bridge are mainly filled with residential, yet with Mok-dong stadiums and Mok-dong youth center in the south. In the 2nd section, the adjacent blocks mainly have a mixture of business and residential, with some public facilities such as Yeongdeungpo police station and Yeongdeungpo ward office.

It is believed that the expressway has deepen the separation between the north and south sides, and further deteriorated the living condition of the area. The Seoul Metropolitan Government has been considering the idea of converting the surface of Jemulpo-gil to public space. It has been discussed that they build, in the 1st section, underground tunnels, underpass, and 2-lane roads on the ground for local traffic. The tentative plan for the 2nd section has underground tunnels and 6-lane surface roads. Taking account of the current conditions, this competition focuses on the 1st section of the expressway and its adjacent blocks. Entries are encouraged to submit inspiring proposals that can re-define Jemulpo-gil and revitalize the adjacent blocks according to a paradigm shift from separation toward urban integration.

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