Seoul Urban Design 2013 International Ideas Competition
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Date 2013-11-03 오후 12:41:56 Hit 5031
Title The announcement of the 2nd round evaluation result

The Second Prize (3 projects, US $ 5,000 each)

●Hyper Landscape : Jinhyun Jun(Harvard University, GSD),
                                      Minkyung Song(Harvard University, GSD),
                                      Kangil Ji(Harvard University, GSD)

●programbar forest : Kyung In Kang(Kookmin University), 
                                      Jae Yoon Yim(Kookmin University), 
                                      Do Hyun Kim(Kookmin University)

●URBAN RECOMBINATION with urban agriculture : Hyunjin Yoo(Hanyang University), 
                                                                                              Jinho Park(Hanyang University)

The Third Prize (3 projects, US $ 4,000 each)

●Responsive Unity Park : Jihak Hong(MIT),
                                              Dessen Hillman(MIT)

●Dynamic Urbanism - Green Walk : Shu Kuei Hsu(University of Washington), 
                                                                  Youngsuk Jun(University of Washington), 
                                                                  Janice Chen(University of Washington)

●We do not Design this Park : Hyunseok Yang(Hanyang University), 
                                                       Hwanbee You(Hanyang University), 
                                                       Minkyung Choi(Hanyang University)

Honorable Mention (4 projects, US $ 1,500 each)

●HUNET CITY : Eongdoo KIM(Konkuk University), 
                             Jin-hyuk Cha(Konkuk University), 
                              Yonghyun Ahn(Konkuk University)

●UPTOWN BOULEVARD : Nayoung Kim(Seoul National University),
                                                Heewon Lee(Seoul National University, GSES),
                                                Sueran Hong(Seoul National University, GSES)

●URBAN WEAVE PROJECT 2013 : Sol Kim(Sejong University),
                                                                Jin Hyung Lee(Sejong University),
                                                                Byung Woo Ahn(Sejong University)

●GREEN CUBE - urban incubator : Taejun Yoon(Konkuk University),
                                                                Minho Lee(Konkuk University), 
                                                                Junhwan Choi(Konkuk University)